Two Summer Courses, and a Manifesto for Peace


Objectives: Throughout this seminar, different national and international NGGs will present their trajectory and contribution to the sustainable development of the most disadvantaged inhabitants of the planet. Each invited NGO will relate its work to one of the development goals that st1:PersonName ProductID””the Organization” w:st”on”>the United Nations marked for this new millennium.

Who is it addressed to? Students of Sociology, Law, Political Science and in general all those interested in the most pressing problem that we face in the millennium and in the ways of solution posed by NGGs.


Directors: Paloma Delgado Echague, Bachelor of American Anthropology and Restorative. Jerome Ecomard de Sainte Marie, Degree in Law.

Speakers: Lorena Pajares Sánchez, Director in Spain of the SOMALY Association MAM- Action by women in precarious situations (AFESIP). Carla Zabaleta Kaehler, Delegate in Canary Islands of CEAR (Spanish Refugee Aid Commission). Ruth Kñallinsky. (CEAR Canary Islands). Responsible for the Habitatric Program. Ricardo Angora Cañego, President of Physicians of the World. Juan Carlos González González, National Vice President of the Red Cross. Antonio
Hernández Rodríguez, Environmental and Vocal Educator of the Federal Coordinator Ben Magec-Ecologists’ Canary Islands action. Agustín Gutierrez Seller, Head of Situations Emergency in Caritas. Victoria Subirana Rodriguez, Founder and Director (Vicky Sherpa) of the Education Association
Quality for All (EDUQUAL).

Program: Inaugural Act: Mr. Luis Padilla, Director General of Relations with Africa

Monday 12th

What are the UN Millennium Goals ?. What is an NGO?
Gender and development. Lorena Pajares Sánchez.

Tuesday 13th

The ongoing movement: refugees and Displaced. Carla Zabaleta Kaehler.
Africa: a singular and plural history. Ruth Kñallinsky.

Wednesday 14th.

Health situation in developing countries. Response from NGGs. Ricardo Angora Cañego.

A multisectoral perspective from the Red Cross: from health to integral development. Juan Carlos González González.

Thursday the 15th.

Sustainable development: a possible utopia? Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez. Extreme poverty and hunger. Augustine Gutierrez
Seller .

Friday the 16th.

Quality education for all. Introduction to Nepali culture. Vicky Serpa (Eduqual)

Date and venue: Week 12-16 July. Visitor Center (CV2). San Sebastian de La Gomera.

Hours: from 16.30 to 21.30 h.

Course enrollment:. Residents: 53 euros. General: $58 *Enrollment & Accommodation (6 nights): $87

*Special discount of 20 euros on price NGGs, Associations and Foundations not for profit.

*Accommodation in the School Residence San Sebastian de La Gomera, in three-, four- and six-bed rooms.

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