The reality we live in is that of a violent world

A globalized world in which a minority concentrates an excessive proportion of wealth at the expense of poverty and the death of the vast majority.

A world in which 20% of the population consumes and wastes eighty percent of the planet’s resources.

A world dominated by economic power that ranks above the interests of national states. An economic power that dispenses with borders, controls, society and citizens, which, knowing no barriers or limits of legality, becomes the ideal means for the flow and illicit trafficking of drugs, money, weapons, corruption and human trafficking and trafficking.

The reality we live in is that of injustice and exploitation.

And this reality, this new world order, necessarily requires violence as a control mechanism. Violence often exercised from the state.

War is the last stage of this control mechanism exercised from power and intended for the maintenance of the system.

There is no peace without social justice.

The reality we live in is that of a world not only unjust but dangerous.
A dangerous world because the world, always unsafe, is even more so after the Iraq war.

Because the absolute inefficiency of so-called international legality has been demonstrated.

Because we are witnessing the imposition of a new concept: preventive warfare. A concept used to provide impunity for an invasion that serves as a vehicle for the expansion of totalitarianism, torture and barbarism.

Because every day the universal declaration of human rights and the charter of united nations proclaiming the right of peoples to self-determination, non-interference in internal affairs and peaceful resolution of conflicts are violated.

Because we have found that there is a double discourse as far as international law is concerned. Double discourse that exempts the powerful from the fulfillment of resolutions and sanctions only the weak.

Because the United Nations is losing its credibility. Becoming by default, an ideological arm of power.

And it is that anyone who consents to crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes, crimes against peace, and torture must be denounced, tried and punished. Let us not forget that since 1945, and with the consecration of the Nuremberg principles, the criterion was installed that civil servants have responsibilities above the states of which they are a part or those they represent.

The United Nations is losing credibility because it has, with knowledge, consented to all kinds of crimes.

We therefore denounce that the UN is losing legitimacy as a regulatory body for international law.

We further denounce that the right of veto is incompatible with the democratic right of “one country, one vote”.

We further denounce that UN troops are becoming an invading army by betraying their founding idea of ensuring the rights of peoples and the implementation of the declaration of rights that they themselves are violating over and over again in well-known and demonstrative situations.

WE CALL on the UN to rectify and re-translate its attitude on the basis of the principles governing it.

We denounce that arms and uncontrolled budgets for militarism in themselves constitute violations of human rights.

If the armed arm of this new international order is made up of the invading armies, the ideological arm is the monopolies that currently control the mass media.

Media that share interests with established power and that exert another kind of more subtle violence: the lie structured as information, or the misinformation that is passed down as information.

Because excess banal information hides the squat of essential information, when the citizen is hidden from the data essential to the knowledge of the reality in which he lives. From misinformation and lying, a submissive collective consciousness is formed to established power.

Under the appearance that freedom of information and expression exists, the citizen does not have access to real information or the possibility of expressing his opinion.

If political censorship is used in official dictatorships, in so-called Western democracies censorship is economic, because it cannot express its opinion that does not have the economic resources to buy or access the mass media.

From the appearance of pluralism, a unique idea is formed that does not allow dissension and excludes wealth and cultural diversity.

A unique idea that justifies violence from the state and war as a final and extreme manifestation of this violence.

Any dissident of the unique ideary becomes suspected of insolidary and anti-Democrat.

We maintain that the flow of information is a product of the culture of all mankind. This access to information has been hijacked from power.

We maintain that there is no freedom of choice without real knowledge of the consequences of each decision. So the manipulation of information directs the vote, and thus dictatorships are created under the appearance of democracies.

We argue that terrorism has been used and used as a ghost since the media to create a climate of mistrust that justifies the cut of freedoms to which every citizen is entitled. And to enable the citizens themselves to give up their freedom out of fear.

From these means the new power perverts language and appropriates it for the sake of its objectives in such a way that it uses language as a means of social control.

We are witnessing the impersonation of the old sense of words by a new one suitable for the purposes of power. And the same action can be called terrorism or resistance depending on who exercises it and who qualifies it.

State terrorism is called defense of peace and freedom.

The barbaric invasion is called preventive warfare.

Genocide is called ethnic cleansing, embargo or the fight against fundamentalism.

Civilian war victims, summary executions, direct attacks on civilians, exercises of impunity, are called collateral damage.

We rely on the citizens who have demonstrated in recent years their rejection of state violence and urge citizens to:

To question the information disseminated from the media.

To become a new pressure group since the association. A free and organized association of citizens who express their interests from positive action.

To express your opinion. If the media vetes access to communication and does not allow the average citizen to express their opinion, we encourage citizens to express it from all possible means, expressing it on the streets, in forums, in public spaces, in the cyber network as a legitimate mechanism of resistance to deception and oppression, to create an alternative citizen action to power.

To be consumed responsiblely. Destructive consumerism and the waste of natural and human resources form the basis of modern capitalism, which fosters individualism and social exclusion. That is why we urge citizens to consider responsible and rational consumption that will not waste the planet’s resources.

To reflect in advance on each act of consumption and to consider whether this consumption is necessary and whether it benefits their interests or those of others.

To consider possible consumer choices as an instrument of veto or control of power.

To organize, disseminate and promote positive actions of citizen boycott.

To defend your own planet. To oppose the fact that the environment and biodiversity have become consumer objects at the service of private interests, so that millions of citizens do not have access to natural resources.

We encourage citizens to actively respond against discrimination of all kinds, gender, race, belief, national or social origin and sexual orientation.

We are in favour of respecting and defending indigenous peoples.

We believe that the participation of men and women to fifty per cent in the institutions of the State to which they belong is one of the indispensable conditions for achieving the peace of the world.

We encourage citizens to claim basic rights such as education and health, being an indelegable responsibility of the states, oriented to the service of the people.

We support the movements of peoples aimed at deciding their free determination without any interference with external power.

Universities and public education should be constituted as centres for research and knowledge production in the service of peace and not in breeders of bellicose ideological systems. They must be at the service of the peoples and not the service of power.

We call for the establishment of permanent denunciation groups, popular chairs for peace in all universities, citizen networks of dissemination of information and mobilization.

The Summer University of La Gomera is committed to creating the popular chair of peace and to forming a free, open and plural space. Space that serves university students and the population to form multipliers for peace.

The chair is committed to promoting computer literacy as well as spreading messages for peace in cyberspace because it is aware of the importance and enormous potential of the dissemination of information over the network, and that it reaches all corners of the planet, to help the change of collective consciousness from individual consciousnesses.

From this island of La Gomera, a point of convergence on three continents, Europe, Africa and America, the undersigned make this manifesto public in the hope that it will become actions of peace.

“The only requirement for evil to spread is for good men to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

Peace is possible in another world that is possible.

Manifesto Signers List

Lucia Etxebarría – writer
Jordi Dauder – Actor
Pilar Bardem – Actress
Marga Iñiguez – Philosopher
Nines Rodríguez Cimadevilla – Painter and jurist
Gloria Berrocal – Actress, Broadcaster and Documentary
Marisa Tejada – Actress and Theatre Director
Petra Martinez – Actress and Theatre Director
Daniel Hernandez Maria – Actor and University Student
Juan Antonio Méndez Ledesma – Radio Announcer
Diego Cruz Fariña – Student
Pedro Zamorano Palacios – Sculptor
Ignacio Rojo Herguedas – Secretary of the Summer University of La Gomera
Charo Feijoo Rico – Entrepreneur
Ignacio Sell Trujillo – Director of the Summer University of La Gomera
Gonzalo González – Painter
José Luis Reina Delgado – Historian
Eduardo Bonino Méndez – President Abogados Sin Fronteras
Adriana Arce – Foundation for Indigenous Peoples
Ana María Figueroa – Lawyer
Carlos Raúl de la Torre – Permanent Assembly for Human Rights of Argentina
Representatives of the Mapuche Parliament
Casimir Curbelo Curbelo – President of the Island Cabildo de La Gomera and Senator for the Island of Gomera
Arcadio Díaz Tejera – Senator for the island of Gran Canaria
Nestor López – Mayor of the municipality of Agulo

Relationship of Accessions to the Catedra for Peace of the University of La Gomera

Pedro Almodovar
Silvia Marsó
Silvia Abascal
Miguel Rios
Paco Ibáñez
Rosa Rigat
Teresa Aranguren
Luis Pastor
Juan Margallo
Juan Diego Botto
Jose Antonio Labordeta
Enrique Simon

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