Objectives: To analyze the possibilities of coexistence in themulticultural societies, migration movements, illegal trafficking inpeople and objects, unequal economic development, relevant figures of abuse andinteraction of these factors in human rights violations,context of globalization and social exclusion.

Who is it addressed to? Students Social Work, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, NGOs, young people and the general public.


Director: Alfredo Fierro. Professor and Director of the Department of Psychology Social and social Personality of Product ID”the University” w:st”on”>the University of Malaga. Dean of the Faculty Psychology of the University of Malaga. Director-General at the Ministry of Culture from 1987 to1993. Coordination: Adriana Arce. Founding of artists and Intellectuals by the Indigenous Peoples of Ibero-America.

Speakers: Ana María Figueroa. Professor of Law National University’s Human Rights and Constitutional Law Rosario, Argentina. Carmen Alborch Bataller, Ex- Minister of Culture of the Spanish State. Carlos Raul of the White Tower. President Assembly Permanente for Human Rights of Rosario (Argentina). Eduardo Freiler. Professor at the National University Buenos Aires. Eduardo Bonino Mendez, Professorat the Universities of Buenos Aires and Lomas de Zamora (Argentina) and President of the NGO Lawyers Without Borders. Francisca Sauquillo, Socialist Meslary, Law Degree. President Movement for Peace, Disarmament and Freedom. Member of the Governing Council of the United Nations University for Peace as a representative of Spain. Josep-Lluis Carod Rovira, Mp. Catalan by Ezquerra Republicana de Calunya (ERC). Ex-Conseller in Cap de la Generalitat. Juan Ignacio Castien Maestro, Prof. of the Complutense University Madrid and UNED.

Benito Codina Casals, Deputy Counsel for Social Affairs and Immigration Government of the Canary Islands.

Program: Monday 12. Educate
to society in the coexistence and defense of human rights, Alfredo Steel rod. Tuesday the 13th. West and Islamic world. A story of convergences and disparities. Towards a constructive dialogue between cultures, Juan Ignacio Castien Maestro. The multiplicity of cultures, a richness of the human being. The project
citizen of coexistence in diversity, Josep-Lluis Carod-Rovira. table Round: From traditional roots to coexistence projects. Wednesday 14. The situation of women in Latin America, the new forms abuse. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child and its violations in Latin America. Carlos Raul de la
Tower. European women
divorce, motherhood
economic independence and single-parent families. Abuse in
Spain, a challenge to face
society as a whole, Carmen Alborch. Roundtable: Current malting figures. Thursday
15. The consequences of Globalization and the Free Association
Trade Organization (CCAA) in Latin America. Society’s access to denunciation in
International Organizations, Eduardo Bonino Méndez. A vision from Parliament
European Union, on the fight against economic and social inequality. Challenges and limits of ProductID”Humanitarian Action” w:st”on”>Humanitarian Action, Francisca Sauquillo. Friday the 16th. The international action of mafias in the illicit trafficking of
People. Illicit drug and arms trafficking in a globalized world, Eduardo Freiler. Human Rights Consequences of Trafficking
illegality of people, weapons and drugs, Ana Maria
Figueroa. The
current reality of migration movements in the Canary Islands, Benito Codina Casals.

Date and venue: July 12-16. Cabildo Plenary Hall

Hours: Classes from 9 to 14.00 h. Round tables:
17 a.m.

Number of credits: 2 (at the discretion of the departments)

Course enrollment:. Residents: 53 euros. General: 58 euros. Tuition & Accommodation (6 nights): $87

*Accommodation in the School Residence of San Sebastian de La Gomera, in rooms of three, four and six beds.

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