End of Occupation: Unitary Manifesto

Unit manifesto
End of occupation
With resistance and mobilization, we can

We witnessed unimaginable violations of the most basic rights of peoples and individuals, committed with complete impunity well into the 21st century: images of the torture to which Iraqi detainees and detainees have been subjected overlap with those of the massacre and destruction perpetrated by the Israeli army in Rafah , and to these assaults by U.S. troops on Iraqi cities.

Around 30 June, the international anti-war movement will again manifest itself by demanding an end to the occupation in Iraq and Palestine, and full sovereignty for its peoples. This call will also allow us to denounce once again the criminal logic inherent in imperialist warfare and occupation, dramatically highlighted in recent weeks, a logic of globalized looting and expoliation, which plunges peoples and the planet into violence, misery and ecological destruction.
The Bush Administration has set that date on June 30 to formally transfer power to a new Iraqi interim body, a process in which it intends to involve the international community in order to internationalize an occupation that is illegal. This is, however, a fraudulent process, launched exclusively after the obvious failure of the hegemonic and unilateralist project that the US and Britain had imagined in invading Iraq, a failure determined by the resistance of the Iraqi people and the majority rejection of international public opinion.

Despite the adoption on 8 June of UNITED Nations Security Council resolution 1546, Iraq will remain a occupied country on 30 June. The Bush Administration will maintain 138,000 troops under solely its own command and complete legal impunity. There is no foresight of effective recovery of e-sovereignty or democracy in the country at least until 2006, and the new interim government lacks legitimacy and its management will be subject to foreign protection more in line with the interests of American companies than those of the Iraqi people.

Those of us who opposed an act of aggression and looting today demand an immediate end to the occupation of Iraq and the complete restitution of sovereignty to its people, fully capable of assuming its future democratically and without any external protection. If the Bush Administration’s primary goal in invading Iraq was to appropriate its oil wealth, today we call for the Iraqi people’s right to sovereign and social management of their natural resources for the benefit of their future generations. We also reject the Bush Administration’s claim to involve NATO in the occupation of Iraq [as it will seek to do at this month’s Istanbul Summit].

And if the reasons for continuing to mobilize us are clear, so are the reasons for rejecting any Spanish involvement in the occupation of Iraq: after the citizen victory that has resulted in the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq, Rodriguez Zapatero’s government must actively commit to Iraq being a fully free and sovereign country as soon as possible.

The Palestinian people share with the Iraqi the same day-to-day marked by the unforkable violence of the occupiers and the tenacious will for resistance and liberation. To the historical violation of their national rights, the violation of the most basic human rights of the Palestinian population is added: the Government of Israel, sometimes with the approval of the Supreme Court, resorts to state terrorism by demolishing homes, killing indiscriminately or selectively, razing the fields or erecting walls with the pretense of destroying the identity elements of an entire people and their aspirations for self-determination and sovereignty.

We call for an end to the planned massacre suffered by the Palestinian people, while paying tribute to the sectors of Israeli society committed to a just peace, necessarily based on the full satisfaction of Palestinian national aspirations. We immediately demand the dismantling of the Wall of Shame and the end of violence against the Palestinian population, if necessary through an international presence that guarantees its protection.

The European Union can and should apply Article 2 of the Trade Agreement Israel, which contemplates its suspension in the event of a fragrant violation of human rights, as is the case daily in Gaza and the West Bank.

The sale of arms to Israel, such as that maintained by the Spanish state during these years, must be suspended immediately, as it contributes to the commission of War Crimes against the Palestinian people. All our solidarity with the Iraqi and Palestinian peoples.

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