Culture Platform Against War

The CULTURE AGAINST WAR PLATFORM was born on January 27, 2003 in an assembly of people from the show and the world of culture.

His act of presentation was the delivery of the Goya Awards (1 February) and the entry into the Congress of Deputies (February 5), with the NO TO THE WAR, which we have since defended, beyond partisanships and ideologies, and without discrimination.

These early initiatives were joined by other members of culture in particular and citizenship in general, along with numerous social organizations. Immediately, the PLATAFORMA joined the international call for the Social Forum of Florence against the Iraq War, contributing to the development of the citizen movement that in Spain went out on the street in mass demonstrations against the war, unprecedented in our history.

The CULTURE AGAINST WAR PLATFORM was an important place in those mobilizations, but our most decisive role was the ability to un bring very plural sectors of society, which until then had been impossible to agree on common acts of citizen responsibility.

Once the war is officially over, we can see that the arguments that gave rise to our movement still stand. The logic of weapons only enriches the most powerful and brings death and misery to thousands, millions of people around the world.

The arguments of the “Trio of the Azores” that justified the war, in violation of international legality and law, have been demonstrated a succession of deliberately prepared lies, which has even been acknowledged by some agents of their own governments.

A year later, the real motives have surfaced: the control and appropriation of Iraq’s oil. The war continues: after the invasion came the occupation. The barbarity of war has been followed by chaos, daily casualties and generated a resistance movement against the occupation: the Middle East, in particular, and the world, in general, are now more insecure.

President Aznar and his government put us in the war with 90.8% of the population against us; opposition from social organizations; with all the political parties of the parliamentary arc opposed to it (all but the PP) and without parliament and the King declaring it and sanctioning it, as established in article 63.3 of the Constitution: Al Rey corresponds, with the authorization of the General Courts, to declare war and make peace.

The consequences of all this have been the imposition of lies, destruction and death; the expolio, the increase in insecurity in the world and, in Spain, the deterioration of freedoms, international isolation, democratic involution, political confrontation, information manipulation, disqualification and permanent insult to the adversary and, therefore, the degradation of coexistence, which leads the country to a dynamic of crispness.

In the cultural sphere, which is that of the PLATFORM, the alarming symptoms that culture has already been feeling have become widespread: concentration in very few hands, political leadership, uniformism or unique ideary, political “correction”, perversion of language, impediment to free debate of ideas, cuts in freedom of expression, extension of junk culture and, more seriously, , the reappearance of censorship practices that we thought we were overcome.

The PLATFORM argues that culture must play another role, which we believe is its responsibility: to enhance knowledge, generate ideas, promote its contrast, be critical of power, whatever it is, and, ultimately, achieve the category of fundamental law that the Spanish Constitution recognizes it.

At the last assembly, held on 15 December 2003, the PLATFORM decided to continue its activity until the next assembly in March. None of the problems that led to the birth of the PLATFORM have been solved. What’s more, they’ve been getting worse. Under the mandate of the assembly itself, a committee was responsible for drawing up a number of unitary points, around which all platform partners can continue our work as a citizen movement.


– Demand the end of the Iraq war, that all military occupying forces and the transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqi people leave.

– Support all mobilizations that, at the global or state level, oppose all forms of military aggression.

– Full solidarity and help BROTHERS, FRIENDS AND COMPANIONS OF JOSE COUSO (H.A.C.) in their campaign for the demand of an investigation into the war crime that resulted in his death.

– It is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that should govern social, political and economic relations.

– By a social redistribution of wealth, which promotes the sustainable development of peoples, with the right to enjoy their own resources.

– For the development of democracy: citizen participation in all areas of the social and political life of this country; promoting new forms of organization that serve to deepen the democratic system.

– For the effective disappearance of all forms of discrimination, and for the equality of all people in society and in the face of justice.

– For pluralism, respect for difference, participatory democracy and diversity of ideas.

– Not to the genocide of any people or to extermination or forgetfulness of their cultures.

– No to the criminalization of thought. For public debate and fair play.

– Culture is a right that should not be conditioned or directed by power, to whom it is only appropriate to open channels, fostering creativity and promoting its dissemination. It is the citizens themselves who must decide their functioning and control together with the cultural agents.

– For a culture of quality, in the face of junk culture, against all forms of censorship and for cultural diversity.

– For a lay, public, free, comprehensive and quality education.

– For the unity of action and solidarity of all movements working for rights and freedoms and defending that ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE.

Since last autumn, the PLATFORM has been registered as a Cultural Association, with its corresponding statutes and provisional headquarters in:

C/ Lucientes no4 under dcha
Madrid 28005
Tel > 913653803
Fax > 913665423


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